Ephrem House

Ephrem House is named after Br Ephrem Stevens, missioner and long serving teacher who worked tirelessly to beautify the College. House Colour: Green
Head of House: Tony Byrne

Foley House

Foley House is named after Tom Foley, Marist College Ashgrove’s first P&F President, an exemplary supporter and energetic leader.
Head of House: Stan Kosiek

Gilroy House

Gilroy House is named after Kitty Gilroy, teacher, musician, loyal friend of the College and staff member for 25 years. House Colour: Light green
Co-ordinator: Brett Gillett

Ignatius House

Ignatius House is named after Br Ignatius O’Connor, the College’s first Headmaster and visionary who contributed magnificently to the College’s early years.
Head of House: Terry Quain

Ridley House

Ridley House is named after Des Ridley, an outstanding schoolboy and gifted sportsman who tragically died young. House Colour: Maroon
Head of House: David Meehan
Teacher: Ben Webb

Rush House

Rush House is named after Archbishop Francis Rush, former Archbishop of Brisbane, and a great leader and friend of the College.

Head of House: Adam Knight
Co-ordinator: Stan Kosiek

Slattery House

Slattery House is named after Leo Slattery, a long-serving College teacher with outstanding commitment to the College.
Co-ordinator: Megan Wandell
Teacher: Andrew Devoy