10 Hospitality

This subject is a gateway course for the senior VET Certificate SIT20316 (Certificate II in Hospitality). It will provide the student with a wide range of foundation skills and industry knowledge in the Hospitality profession. The course will also include the following three units of competency from the senior certificate.

Senior Industrial Graphics Skills

Industrial Graphics Skills (Applied subject)

Industrial graphics skills are the drawing skills used by manufacturing industries when transforming raw materials into products wanted by society. Australia, as one of the most developed economies in the world, has strong manufacturing industries that provide employment for many people.

Industrial Graphics Skills will provide you with opportunities to explore, experience and learn knowledge and practical skills required to produce the technical drawings used in a variety of industries, including building and construction, engineering and furnishing. It provides a unique opportunity for you to experience the challenge and personal satisfaction of undertaking practical work while developing beneficial vocational and life skills.

Assessment Overview
Assessment in Industrial Graphics Skills gives you opportunities to develop and demonstrate your knowledge, understanding and skills. Assessment instruments include:
• projects, which provide authentic opportunities for you to demonstrate your learning in both industry practices and drafting processes, e.g. measure, draw and prototype a component of a machine using a 3D printer
• practical demonstrations, e.g. preparing orthographic views from a digital model
• examinations, e.g. short response drawing test.

Industrial Graphics Skills is a four-semester course of study.
Unit One - Introduction to drafting in the manufacturing industry
Unit Two - Working cooperatively in drafting workplaces
Unit Three - Residential renovations and extensions
Unit Four - Re-engineering — drafting for product development

Semesters 1 and 2 of the course are designed to allow students to begin their engagement with the course content, i.e. the knowledge, understanding and skills of the subject. Course content, learning experiences and assessment increase in complexity across the four semesters as students develop greater independence as learners.

Semesters 3 and 4 consolidate student learning. In Year 12, you will be expected to complete four assessment instruments, including at least two projects and one practical demonstration.

Unit One Formative internal assessment/s
Unit Two Formative internal assessment/s
Unit Three Summative internal assessment/s
Unit Four Summative internal assessment/s