Music Extension

Music Extension (Performance) 2020 v1.1 General Senior Syllabus

The Music Extension syllabus should be read in conjunction with the Music syllabus. In Music Extension, students follow an individual program of study designed to continue the development of refined musicianship skills. Music Extension encourages students to investigate music concepts and ideas relevant to their specialisation.

In the Composition specialisation (making), students create and resolve new music works. They demonstrate use of music concepts and manipulate music concepts to express meaning and/or emotion to an audience through resolved compositions. In the Musicology specialisation (responding), students investigate and analyse music works and ideas. They synthesise analytical information about music, and document sources and references about music to support research. In the Performance specialisation (making), students realise music works, demonstrating technical skills and understanding. They make decisions about music, interpret music elements and concepts, and express music ideas to realise their performances.

Music Extension prepares students for a future of unimagined possibilities, helping them to become self-motivated and emotionally aware. As a unique means of expression, music makes a profound contribution to personal, social and cultural identities. As they develop highly transferable and flexible skills, students become adaptable and innovative problem-solvers and collaborative team members who make informed decisions. As enquirers, students develop their ability to analyse and critically evaluate. Literacy in 

Music Extension is an essential skill for composers, musicologists and performers, and learning in Music Extension prepares students to engage in a multimodal world.

Co-ordinator: Andrew Butt